1. VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW THAT I… was preparing to go to the University of Maryland as an English major when my plans were hijacked by a band named The Country Gentlemen, from Washington, DC. I was bitten by the traveling musician bug and never looked back.

2. WHEN I’M NOT ON TOUR I… try to spend as much time with my wife and children as possible. Playing music is my dream. The MUSIC BUSINESS is what gets in the way when I’m trying to be responsible to my family.

3. WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT MY ART IS… the fact that something so fulfilling as being a musician can replace all the negativity in the world.

4. A LIFE LESSON I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH CENTRE COLLEGE STUDENTS IS: Very early in my path to learning to play the Dobro guitar, I had a brush with my hero Josh Graves, who played with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. He didn’t turn me away but inspired me by actually letting me play HIS guitar (to me it was the Holy Grail). I was thirteen years old.  I will always attempt to do the same for any young aspiring player I meet. It made all the difference for me. My hope would be that I can pay it forward.

5. I DEFINE ART AS: The imagination of an individual brought to life through a conduit that originates in the mind then passes to the eyes, ears, hands, noses, or hearts of others.

6. MY MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT IN SHOW BUSINESS THUS FAR WAS: Either the first time I played Carnegie Hall with my friends and peers, or recently when I played and sang on the David Letterman show under my own name.

7. THE PERSON WHO MOST INFLUENCED ME IS: My father, being both a guitar player whose real job was that of a laborer, and a patient man, kept me on the path without force or interference.

8. IF I COULD BE ON STAGE WITH ANYONE, PAST OR PRESENT, ALIVE OR DECEASED, FICTIONAL OR REAL, IT WOULD BE: Paganini. Who was supposedly the most amazing musician of the Romantic Period.  I would not be there to play. I would be there to be thrilled and amazed.

9. WHILE TOURING, ONE OF MY GUILTY PLEASURES IS: Shopping for antique maps wherever I can find them.

10. IF I COULD ENSURE THAT THE AUDIENCE TAKES HOME ONE THING AFTER MY PERFORMANCE, IT WOULD BE: That I gave them the best possible performance I could muster.

More about the artist:
Jerry Douglas is a world-renowned Dobro player, and has played with Alison Krauss and Union Station since 1998. His transcendent technique and his passionate musicality has helped him net twelve Grammy Awards, three CMA awards and numerous International Bluegrass Music Association awards including multiple Dobro Player of the Year wins.  Jerry has performed with everyone from Phish to Paul Simon to Elvis Costello. Jerry also produced Alison Krauss’ 1990 album, I’ve Got That Old Feeling.  His most current album, Traveler, features vocals from Eric Clapton, Marc Cohn, Alison Krauss, Keb’Mo’, Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon, as is available on iTunes.   He will perform with Alison Krauss and Union Station, at the Norton Center on Saturday, August 25, 2012.  Learn more at jerrydouglas.com.