Chances are most of us are not originally from the place we currently reside. Many of our ancestors, whether just one generation back or several, are from somewhere else. Within our own families and our own lives, we have moved at least once in our life. Some people have explored new destinations so often that they need to affix pins to a travel map to remember where they’ve explored.

Opportunities for jobs, academics, and even simply a change in cultural or temporal climate displace us, temporarily or permanently, from Point A to a new Point B.

Many people also love to travel – overseas or around the corner. We are curious about how others live life and celebrate culture. Centre College takes pride that 85% of its student body studies abroad at least one term. More pins to demark more Points.

Daily, it seems that we are always on the go. Point A to a new Point B. And, as much as we love to travel, we always comment about not having enough time. This season’s Norton Center Series helps connect those dots of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we might go in the future. The Norton Center Series introduces us to new cultures, real or imaginary, while reconnecting us with cultures with which we may be more familiar.

If you can find your seat in the theatre, you have arrived at Point A. As the lights dim, you are transformed to a new Point B, and perhaps a Point C and a Point D. Settle in and enjoy the journey. You may need to fasten your seat belts as some journeys are bumpier than others. But don’t worry, before you know it, you will be transported back to all the familiar comforts of Point A. However, while you physically never left, culturally, your internal travel map has a new pin to signify a recently experienced journey. And that is a Point taken.

Are we there yet?



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