Ever wonder what the Norton Center and Centre College staff really think of the shows that happen on our stages?  Check out our staff picks below! 

“While I am truly excited about all of the upcoming shows, I am especially looking forward to The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer.  We have had many requests to bring opera to the Norton Center and many requests to bring large-name actors.  This performance, featuring the legendary John Malkovich and the impeccable Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra under the direction of Martin Haselböck, combines exciting theatre, traditional opera arias sung by two sopranos, and a riveting story that gives an inside look into a real-life serial killer – done in a dark and humorous way that is perfect for John Malkovich’s talent.  I’m really excited about this production because I love theatre with an edge to it, I love high quality and beautiful classical music, and it’s JOHN MALKOVICH!  This performance has thrilled audiences in Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle and now Danville!”  Steve Hoffman, Norton Center Executive Director

“I am very excited about The Intergalactic Nemesis!  As a boy I enjoyed graphic novels and I am a huge fan of high energy comedic theatre productions.  It’s going to be stimulation overload watching the projected images, actor’s interaction, pianist playing, and Foley artist creating all the live sound effects all at the same time.  I actually don’t know if I’m more thrilled to see the show myself or to watch 1450+ students travel here to the Norton Center to see the afternoon matinee.  This show will change some of their lives.  Maybe not the content- but definitely the experience!” – Dustin Mosko, Engagement Coordinator at the Norton Center 

242010bw“My pick is the Bobby McFerrin concert on April 17.  I have never heard Bobby McFerrin live but have always wanted to be a part of his show  – which is what he does with audiences. He gets them singing, moving, laughing, simply joyous.  He has an incredible and unique voice, he IS melody, rhythm, and harmony.  His own spontaneity and creativity on stage just make everyone feel more alive.  He teaches us that music is simply a natural expression of humankind.” – Barbara Hall, Stodghill Professor of Music

“It is really hard to pick just “one.”  I am excited to hear TAKE 6.  I always find it amazing to hear so many voices harmonize and each bring something quite different in the range of their voices. I also would pick Beyond Glory.  I am sure it promises to be a very moving one-person show.  I am always touched by our service men and women who give so much, and who give up so much to protect us and our country.” Sharon Rogers-Hinkle, Box Office Manager at the Norton Center 

“I am going for the entertainment value.  My choice is Cesar Millan.  I have been watching him on TV for years and enjoy watching his “calm, assertive” approach to handling dogs and owners.  It is an approach we should all use in our everyday lives.  I’m not sure if I am more excited about seeing him or the dogs he brings.   I can’t wait to see Junior live on stage!” – Karen Sherwood, Business/Office Manager at the Norton Center 

“I am most excited about Balé Folclórico Da Bahia. It is a combination of so many different aspects of art and theater. It also provides a way to experience the African and South American cultures from which the artists draw their inspiration.” – Megan Holderman, Student Box Office Assistant at the Norton Center 

“The two I look forward to?  The Blues Brothers Revue for sure.  These guys were part of my own “growin’ up.”  Hope they still make me laugh!  Two, the show I personally think will be really enjoyable is Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang. It is a one-man production where Lang enters into the personas of seven real American soldiers and sailors, rendering firsthand accounts of the actions that resulted in each of them receiving the nation’s highest military accolade.” – John Roush, Centre College President 


“My favorite of this season is H.M.S. Pinafore. I am in love with Broadway and admire the older musicals with the mystery and splendor of old English manners. The New York Gilbert and Sullivan players are a respected and professional troupe and I am sure that they will bring H.M.S. Pinafore to life to field our imagination on English ladies and gentlemen and to give this performance a fresh perspective of the world we live in now.”  – Brittany Duvall, Box Office Assistant at the Norton Center 

“Easy One. Bobby McFerrin. He’s one of those artists that combines virtuosic abilities with an incredibly playful spirit. His explorations into improvisation and collaboration have been an inspiration to me in my own creative work.” – Matthew Hallock, Associate Professor of Dramatic Arts

“Out of pure patriotism, as the only Irish member of the Norton Center staff, I feel compelled to pick the talented Dublin Guitar Quartet.  Aside from the fact that they are an amazingly talented and diverse group, it would be great to hear another Irish accent in Danville! My other pick for the season has to be the Grammy Award winner Bobby McFerrin. His unique vocal improvisation is unlike anything else I have ever heard and I would love to see him put his own unique take on traditional spirituals.  Also, who can’t love the man whose life’s motto is ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’!”– Kathryn Higgins, Student Marketing Assistant at the Norton Center 

“I’ve always thought Brazil must be one of the world’s most captivating places. To me Brazil is an amalgamation of primitive and sophisticated, jungle and elegance, beating drums and luscious jazz harmonics. I think there’s no other place like it on earth.  Since I don’t have any near future plans of visiting Brazil (and Bahia, renowned for its unique Afro-Brazilian culture,) I can’t wait to enjoy Balé Folclórico Da Bahia performance. It will take me one step closer to a place I’ve always dreamed of.”  – Dana Bart, Art Director at the Norton Center 

“I’m most looking forward to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performance because during the Cold War, the Russians had the Bolshoi ballet, but we had the Alvin Ailey dance troupe.  The U.S. State Department, who sent the African-American troupe everywhere, understood that the put-upon Poles and Czechs would see the jazzy choreography and gorgeous athleticism of the African American dancers as a symbol of the innovation and creativity in American culture.   Alvin Ailey didn’t win the Cold War for us, but they surely helped!” – Milton Reigelman, Director of Center for Global Citizenship at Centre College


“I’m very excited to hear Béla Fleck + Brooklyn Rider.  Béla is such a versatile artist. Even though most people think of his instrument, the banjo, as having such a singular sound he really has a gift at molding it across musical genres. Combined with Brooklyn Rider, who seem to have such a fun time performing, this is going to be a really unique and very cool concert.” – Mandy Prather, Director of Marketing & Development at the Norton Center   

What are YOU most looking forward to in the upcoming season?  Leave your response in the comments section below!