1. VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW THAT I… Am an amateur herpetologist (herpetology = study of reptiles) and have the world’s cutest iguana, who is 5 years old and four feet long (nose to tail). Actually, come to think of it, many folks know about him because he is a celizardbrity. Very few people know that I can wiggle my ears, though.

2. WHEN I’M NOT ON TOUR I… Love being home in New York, working on video editing, arrangements, photography, SaurianSaint (my blog), and various projects I constantly have on the go. I also occasionally just take a whole day off and snoozewatch Law & Order in bed with popcorn and cookies.

3. WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT MY ART IS… Actually, that fact. That I love it. They say that if you love what you do you never work a day in your life, and while that’s not precisely true, I am glad to be in the business of doing something that not only makes me happy, but others as well.

4. A LIFE LESSON I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH CENTRE COLLEGE STUDENTS IS…Never get bored with what you do. If you’re bored, change.

5. I DEFINE ART AS…That which gives people a deeper understanding.

6. MY MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT IN SHOW BUSINESS THUS FAR WAS… Oh, so many. One that stands out was playing the Piazzolla 25th anniversary concert in Central Park with Pablo Ziegler and his quartet on a perfect summer evening in 2012, for an estimated 5000 people.


8. IF I COULD BE ON STAGE WITH ANYONE, PAST OR PRESENT, ALIVE OR DECEASED, FICTIONAL OR REAL, IT WOULD BE… Gandalf. Or Goethe. Or maybe Bach. Okay, Bach. And Oscar Wilde, because my German isn’t very good, so I might end up just grinning adoringly at old Johann Seb. and Johann Wolfgang von. Oscar would have a quip field day.

9. WHILE TOURING, ONE OF MY GUILTY PLEASURES IS… If it’s a concerto in North America and I don’t know anyone in town, I often go to a local haunt with musicians who are regulars (as a result I know a lot of bass and brass players) and hang out, play pool or darts, and learn about the town. I am genuinely interested in every place I go. The point of travel is to learn.

10. IF I COULD ENSURE THAT THE AUDIENCE TAKES HOME ONE THING AFTER MY PERFORMANCE, IT WOULD BE… Though we live in a mad, mad world, the moment one hears something truly beautiful, sanity and reason are restored. That’s why I do what I do, and why I’m not insane.

More about Lara St. John: 

Canadian-born violinist Lara St. John has been described as “something of a phenomenon” by The Strad and a “high-powered soloist” by the New York Times. She has technique to burn and plays at a constant high heat.” Lara created her own record label, Ancalagon, in 1999, and has recorded with the Royal Philharmonic, the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela and The Knights, with which she won the Juno award in 2011 for her Mozart album. Of her Bach Six Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo, American Record Guide wrote: “I simply don’t know where else you can go to hear Bach played at this level of artistry. Once again she eclipses her competition.” Lara began playing the violin when she was two years old. She made her first appearance as soloist with orchestra at age four, and her European debut with the Gulbenkian Orchestra in Lisbon when she was 10. She toured Spain, France, Portugal, and Hungary at ages 12 and 13, entered the Curtis Institute at 13, and spent her first summer at Marlboro three years later. Her teachers have included Felix Galimir and Joey Corpus. She performs on the 1779 “Salabue” Guadagnini thanks to an anonymous donor and Heinl & Co. of Toronto.

Lara St. John will perform with Marie-Pierre Langlamet at Centre College’s Norton Center for the Arts on October 11. Tickets are available on our website or by calling the box office at 1-877-HIT-SHOW.