Since 1879, Farmers National Bank has served as a leader in community banking across Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer Counties. Farmers National Bank is the 11th oldest established bank within Kentucky out of 183 Banks; the 30th Largest Bank in Asset Size within Kentucky out of 183 Banks and the 31st Largest Bank in Total Deposits within Kentucky out of 183 Banks. The Bank’s mission is to be the best provider of financial services in the region but with 150 employees dedicated to the communities in which they serve, it has succeeded in being a leader in community service as well.

Farmers National Bank is in the early stages of piloting a new financial literacy program, aimed at meeting the needs of its customers and would-be customers at every step of their financial March of Dimes Donationeducation: as they are first learning how to manage their finances, as they incur their first debts such as mortgage payments or student loans, through safe and effective debt management solutions, and into retirement. “I believe we have a responsibility,” Greg Caudill, President of Farmers National Bank says, “to educate and inform individuals about preventative measures before they get into debt and management if they find themselves accumulating large debt.”

In addition to forming banking related community programs, Farmers also participates in other worthy causes. During the past year, Farmers National Bank and its employees have participated and donated resources to a whopping 299 organizations, charities and civic groups. They are the largest single contributor to the Heart of Kentucky United Way, with nearly 100% participation by Farmers staff in the payroll deductive giving. The corporate and employee donations total about $90,000 annually. “Considering we are not the largest employer in Danville,” Caudill says, “I consider this a pretty incredible testament to the dedication of our staff toward community need and service projects. It has taken on a life of its own, probably because it was completely employee driven, not something that was a top-down directive from me or our leadership team.”

United WayWhen Senior Vice President, William “Bill” Pollom lost a four-year battle with brain cancer this past May, staff wanted to recognize him. The Pollom family decided to create The Bill Pollom Father’s Day Annual 5K and in true Farmers National Bank fashion, employees and Board Members volunteered and participated in the race, which was held in early June. Proceeds supported two charities selected by Pollom’s family: the Danville Independent Schools Foundation and The Freear’s Hope Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing financial assistance or support to cancer patients and their families who have specific cancer care needs such and living expenses, transportation/gas for appointments, medical supplies, and other medical financial needs. “Bill himself was an avid runner. He touched so many lives, and there were so many people who came to participate in the race just because they knew him and wanted to help others,” Caudill reflects, “I think he [Bill] would have been very pleased.”

Humane Society Fundrasier Among countless other projects, Farmers National Bank has contributed to the development of a new YMCA facility in Mercer County; and supported Ephraim McDowell Healthcare Foundation, Centre College, and the Norton Center for the Arts locally in Danville. Caudill himself has taken a keen interest in the success of the recently opened Grace Café, a pay-what-you-can community restaurant committed to serving delicious, locally-sourced food to everyone. “I really support their philosophy,” Caudill explains. “Everyone deserves to have a hot meal – a healthy meal – regardless of their finances. I’ve encouraged my friends and family to visit the restaurant as much as they can. I really believe in it.”

While there is no formal expectation set for community service or philanthropic giving for Farmers employees, an atmosphere of giving can be felt immediately. “Our onboarding process includes a very clear understanding that giving back is part of what we do. We have created a culture where anyone who doesn’t give of his or her time, talents, and resources would feel like an outlier,” Caudill says with pride. “Community service and philanthropy has to come out of the fabric of an organization.”

At Farmers National Bank, that fabric is strong and well woven.

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