Farmers National Bank serves as a leader in community banking across Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer counties. The Bank’s mission is to build upon its tradition by providing the best customer experience while remaining steadfast to its values: service, community and ethics. With 160 employees dedicated to the communities in which they serve, the Farmers National Bank team is passionate about volunteerism and giving back in ways that make a positive impact, such as sponsoring the Norton Center for the Arts and Centre College.

With 137 years of tradition in the Bluegrass, Farmers National Bank has a strong foundation upon which to build. The bank has developed a three-pronged strategic plan to ensure it remains one of the top performing financial institutions in the state. This plan addresses growth, in both existing and new markets, while enhancing its focus on becoming the employer of choice across the Commonwealth.

Farmers National Bank plans to grow steadily and diligently. “We will focus a significant amount of attention on our current markets,” explains Marty Gibson, President. “We will continue to be ‘Your Lifetime Bank’ to our valued customers. We also want to appeal to the next generation of bank customers, and technology plays a significant role in how people interact with their bank. We have been listening to our clients and researching new and exciting products and services. This will enable us to make our customers’ banking experience better.”

“We strive to be cutting edge and have dedicated resources to meet people where they are, whether at one of our branches or using online or mobile devices for their financial needs. We will continue to provide friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service while constantly expanding the mediums over which we serve our customers,” CEO Greg Caudill elaborates. “We recently created a Customer Experience Manager role with the sole focus on giving our customers more opportunities to provide feedback and opinions on how we can better assist them. This will allow us to give our clients the solutions and quality service they deserve.”

image001Farmers National Bank’s goal is to be a top 20 financial performer, relative to the 165 Kentucky domiciled banks, by 2025.  “We want to remain relevant and be able to do the things our shareholders want and expect us to do. We want to eventually move into other markets, but we want to do so methodically and with clear intention,” Caudill explains. “While working on this ambitious goal, we will remain focused on our loyal clients. The strength of this plan is it allows us the ability to provide greater service to our current customers as well as new clients.”

Another key element of its strategic plan is a team-focused “Championship Culture” that acknowledges associates who go “Above and Beyond” their regular duties to help customers, fellow employees and the community.  “One of the things that sets us apart is that we continually rely on ideas and input from our employees, not just the management team, when it comes to making decisions about our work environment,” Gibson explains. “We believe that this creates a greater sense of buy-in and enthusiasm that ultimately drives progress and higher employee satisfaction.”

Since establishing the program six months ago, the vast majority of Farmers National Bank team members have been recognized for going above and beyond their daily job functions – and nominations are not just from managers to employees. The majority are peer-to peer.

“This ties into our desire to not just be the bank of choice, but the employer of choice,” Caudill says. “Community banking has great value in a market like ours, and we want to uphold those standards in our business practices as well as our social practices. People that join our team value the fact that recognition is part of our business, part of our overall culture.”

In addition to its long history of supporting the Norton Center for the Arts and Centre College, Farmers National Bank contributes to numerous other community entities. A few of these include the local school systems in its four-county market; economic development activities; Wilderness Trace YMCA; Salvation Army; Heart of Kentucky United Way; March of Dimes and the Bill Pollom Annual Father’s Day 5K, a race created in memory of longtime employee Bill Pollom. In total, the bank provides charitable contributions to more than 100 local causes.

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