Welcome to another spectacular season of programs at the Norton Center for the Arts.We are proud to continue to offer our community a full spectrum of performing arts. We hand-pick from the world’s finest artists to create a vibrant and well-rounded season, and then invite you to become the curator and create your own series!

Instead of our selecting pre-determined series’ from which you can choose, such as Broadway, Rock and Pops, Jazz and World, or Classical, we encourage you to create your own series based on your own themes, availability and budget. You can still create a more conventional series, such as those just listed, or mix things up and be creative!

Your series reflects your interests and your level of adventure. Your series also helps you to plan arts events all year long. You rock! So, have fun and name your own series on the order form. We’ll post the most creative names that describe your own performance selections. And feel free to tag #MyNortonSeries if you want to share with us via social media.

Have a terrific season, and on behalf of the entire Norton Center team,




Steven A. Hoffman