Norton Center Salutes: Farmers National Bank

Farmers National Bank has been in the same place with the same name since 1879 and has been investing in its customers and communities ever since. As the 10th oldest financial institution in Kentucky, the bank considers itself the “tip of the spear” when it comes to supporting good causes in the area. Whether lending to customers or donating to groups who may enhance the region’s quality of life, Farmers National Bank puts its money where its mouth is, and vice versa.

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“Giving back to our communities in material ways is at the heart of our mission. Banks like ours tend to reflect the health of our communities so it is incumbent upon us to take the lead on initiatives that have positive local impact”, says, Greg Caudill, CEO of Farmers National Bank. “We invest thousands of dollars every year into organizations whose aims are to “do good” in the communities we serve. Many of our employees are volunteers for those organizations, as well. Community service is an expectation we have for all our employees. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

To assist in delivering outstanding customer experiences, the bank initiated a Customer Survey program to get feedback on its services and the way in which they are delivered. The survey captures more than 1,000 customer responses each year, providing strong indications of customer thoughts and preferences.

This year, customers rated Farmers National Bank’s level of service as “very good” – the highest survey rating. Offering personal, friendly and knowledgeable service with the ability to help resolve issues, were areas customers said they liked best about the bank.

One of the highlights of this past year was the bank’s sponsorship of the “Funding the Future” financial literacy concert at Centre College’s Norton Center for the Arts. More than 600 high school students from area schools attended. The rock band GOODING started off with some great tunes, before shifting to a presentation on the importance of good money management habits. This included talking to students about understanding wants and needs when it comes to purchases, budgeting, and good saving habits.

In terms of giving back, nearly 90 percent of respondents agreed that Farmers National Bank was a strong community partner. The bank has a focus on supporting education and economic development — the two areas that customers said in the survey the bank should most support. Farmers National Bank, however, financially supports and provides volunteers for more than 100 local organizations that meet many needs including healthcare, historical preservation, poverty and hunger, and arts, culture and entertainment, to name a few.