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¡Viva Brazil! Luciana Souza Trio

Photo of ¡Viva Brazil! Luciana Souza Trio
Featuring Luciana Souza – vocals, Romero Lubambo – guitar & Cyro Baptista – percussion Website: http://www.emersonquartet.com/

From Brazilian pop tunes to the Bossa Nova, folk songs to lyrical interpretations of Pablo Neruda’s poetry, the Luciana Souza Trio (featuring Souza on vocals, Romero Lubambo on guitar and Cyro Baptista on percussion) performs beautiful Brazilian music with equal parts melody, clarity and sizzle. Grammy® winner Luciana Souza is one of jazz’s leading singers and interpreters with seven acclaimed releases. Romero Lubambo is considered by critics to be “the best practitioner of his craft in the world today… his creativity and energy are in a class all their own.” Cyro Baptista, one of the premier percussionists in the country, has performed on five Grammy® award-winning albums. Collectively, they have performed with Yo-Yo Ma, Herbie Hancock, James Taylor, Kathleen Battle, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg.

Performance Date: October 5, 2011