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Photo of Camelot

Enjoy the first show in the new Newlin Hall as you rediscover the grandeur of one of history’s greatest love stories in Lerner and Loewe’s timeless masterpiece. A sumptuous tale set in a land where honor and chivalry reign, Camelot follows the love triangle of King Arthur, his Queen Guenevere, and the young Lancelot. With one of Broadway’s most enchanting scores featuring the hauntingly romantic “If Ever I Would Leave You,” “I Loved You Once in Silence,” and “Follow Me,” Camelot is the definitive musical theatre fable.

Performance Dates: October 18, 2009; November 30, 1999

Cameron Carpenter

Photo of Cameron Carpenter
Website: http://www.cantussings.org/

As the first organist ever nominated for a Grammy® Award for a solo album, Cameron Carpenter is shattering boundaries in new music.  He is a virtuoso composer-performer whose approach to the organ is virtually unprecedented, and his repertoire—from the complete works of J. S. Bach and Cesar Franck to his hundreds of transcriptions of non-organ works, his original compositions and his collaborations with jazz and pop artists— is perhaps the largest and most diverse of any organist.  As a keyboard prodigy, he performed Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier at age 11 and now holds a Master’s Degree from The Juilliard School. Cameron’s goals are anything but modest: the brash, outspoken and phenomenally talented musician and composer wants the organ recognized as a premier recital instrument on par with violins and pianos. As with most trailblazers,Carpenter has energy and vision equal to his talent and a knack for engaging audiences of all ages that simply underscores his commitment and passion for his work.

Cameron will perform a mixed repertoire of traditional classical music, original compositions and arrangements, and other selected works on the Norton Center’s very own pipe organ as well as on his newly created International Touring Organ.

Canadian Brass

Photo of Canadian Brass
Website: http://www.paulposnak.com/

With an international reputation as one of the most popular brass ensembles today, Canadian Brass has truly earned the distinction of “the world’s most famous brass group.” Friends Chuck Daellenbach and Gene Watts first came together in 1970 to form a brass quintet — a chamber music setting not entirely new, but never before having garnered the success and storied career Canadian Brass would achieve over the next 40 years. Initially, Gene took on the role of developing new repertoire while Chuck was the moving force in marketing, publishing and managing the group. Three empty chairs were quickly filled and together, the group’s imagination and consummate musicianship elevated the art of the brass quintet to what it is today. Here was not only an opportunity to explore the possibilities of an all-brass chamber group but a challenge to bring the sound and the excitement of brass music to new audiences.

Performance Date: April 12, 1983

Cantus: The Four Loves

Photo of Cantus: The Four Loves
Website: http://thetentenors.com/

All-male vocal ensemble Cantus is known around the world for its trademark warmth, and humor, and its carefully blended performances of music ranging from the Renaissance to today. In this special Valentine’s weekend performance, Cantus explores our greatest and most fragile gift in a special concert entitled The Four Loves. Love has been the inspiration for artistic expression since the dawn of time and is such a complex idea that the Greeks broke it down into four different kinds: romantic, familial, friendly, and unconditional. Including music by Poulenc, Grieg, Beethoven and Bobby McFerrin, The Four Loves examines this most complex of emotions from all sides. The Washington Post hails the group’s sound as having both “exalting finesse” and “expressive power” and refers to their music-making as “spontaneous grace.”

Performance Date: February 13, 2016


Photo of CATS
Website: http://robertcray.com/

Since Cats first opened on the West End stage in 1981, it has become one of the world’s best known and best loved musicals and has grossed over £1 billion. With a plot based on T.S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and award-winning music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Cats, originally directed by Trevor Nunn, has since been presented in over 20 countries and in about 250 cities, including such diverse destinations as Buenos Aires, Seoul, Helsinki and Singapore.

Performance Dates: September 24, 2003; March 7, 1989

Cavani String Quartet

Photo of Cavani String Quartet
Website: http://www.capsteps.com/

For the past 30 years, The Cavani String Quartet’s career has earned lasting and enthusiastic recognition for their superlative performances and their passionate commitment and expertise in the field of arts education and community engagement. Their most recent performance earned this accolade: “The Cavani Quartet is a true musical tour-de-force… an astonishingly beautiful and technically superb performance…chamber music at it’s best.” – Cleveland Classical.com

Performance Date: May 12, 1991

Celtic Thunder

Photo of Celtic Thunder
Website: http://www.lageeldridge.com/

From the original producer of the blockbuster hit group Celtic Women comes the next great Irish experience: Celtic Thunder! Named Top World Music Artist twice by Billboard, Celtic Thunder is a world-renowned supergroup best known for performing an eclectic mix of songs, ranging from traditional Irish fare to international hits. Their live shows are recognized for the use of dramatic lighting effects and choreography as well as a stage set resembling an ancient stone pathway drawn from Celtic lore.

Damian McGinty (former Glee Star) will be back performing as a Guest Artist with the Celtic Thunder guys Colm Keegan, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, Emmett O’Hanlon and Neil Byrne.Backed by the amazing 8 piece Celtic Thunder band, they will deliver their “Very Best of Celtic Thunder,” including much loved ensemble numbers with selections including “Heartland” from Celtic Thunder -The Show, “Galway Girl” and “Seven Drunken Nights” from Voyage, “A Place in The Choir” from Heritage and “Turning Away” from Mythology. Of course, no Celtic Thunder show would be complete without a performance of their rousing anthem “Ireland’s Call”, which generally acts as the show’s finale and never fails to bring the audience to its feet. In addition to these incredibly popular ensemble performances, “The Very Best of Celtic Thunder” tour will also feature a wide variety of solo hits from the principal singers such as “Ride On”, “The Dutchman”, “Noreen”, “Danny Boy”, some “Puppy Love” and many more.

Celtic Women

No Photo Available

Celebrate this holiday season with the celestial voices of multi-platinum Irish singing sensation Celtic Woman as they present The Best of Christmas with full orchestra. Featuring music from the all-female ensemble’s most favorite Yuletide songs performed by them over the years. Prepare for an enchanting and festive evening filled with mesmerizing music, performance and holiday cheer.

Performance date: December 1st, 2018 at 8pm

Central Ballet of China, Company of 60

Photo of Central Ballet of China, Company of 60
Website: http://www.alwayspatsycline.net/

NBC has toured internationally and produced and performed many Chinese and Western ballets. According to its current director Feng Ying, there are three components in the repertoire of the company: Chinese ballets, 19th century Western classic, and 20th century ballet. They have also collaborated on contemporary dance pieces.[

Performance Date: November 2, 1995

Cesar Millan Live

Photo of Cesar Millan Live
Website: http://www.scottymccreery.com/

Cesar Millan will reveal the secrets of happier, healthier relationships between humans and their canine companions in his exciting live show. Joined by his famous four-legged companion, Junior, Cesar will share his philosophies and methods, then present examples via live demonstrations with multiple dogs. You will also have the chance to ask Cesar your questions during the audience Q&A session. From his years of experience, Cesar will show that for a transformation to take place in a dog, the real transformation quite often needs to take place in their human first. You’ll be amazed and inspired by the simplicity with which Cesar’s Way can bring harmony and balance into your life and your dog’s. See the star of Nat Geo WILD’s brand new series Leader of the Pack and the original host of National Geographic’s Dog Whisperer series perform his incredible dog training techniques, LIVE!


Performance Date: November 24, 2013

Chamber Music Festival of the Bluegrass

Photo of Chamber Music Festival of the Bluegrass
Performed at Shaker Village

In just three short years, the Chamber Music Festival of the Bluegrass has come to be regarded as one of Kentucky’s most important cultural events.  Superb music in the Meadow View Barn and the beautiful setting of Shaker Village have combined to create a magical experience.  For the 2010 Festival, Wu Han, piano, and David Finckel, cello, the Co-Directors of New York’s Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, return with a full complement of the Society’s incomparable musicians for another weekend of extraordinary music.

Performance Date: May 28-30, 2011; May 30-31, 2009; May 24-25, 2008

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Photo of Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
David Shifrin, artistic director; The Orion String Quartet: Elmas Oliveira, Violin; David Golub, piano

As the nation’s premier repertory company for chamber music, CMS is committed to bringing audiences the finest performances of an extraordinary body of repertoire, dating as far back as the Renaissance and continuing through the centuries to the finest works of our time. As a compelling and dynamic means of artistic expression, chamber music has always inspired composers to create some of their finest works. Today, CMS actively supports composers’ efforts. In its history, CMS has commissioned over 150 new works from a formidable array of composers, including Bruce Adolphe, Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein, William Bolcom, John Corigliano, George Crumb, Lukas Foss, John Harbison, Alberto Ginastera, Morton Gould, Keith Jarrett, Oliver Knussen, Frank Martin, Gian Carlo Menotti, Darius Milhaud, Peter Schickele, Bright Sheng, Joan Tower, and Ellen Taaffe Zwilich. CMS also supports the work of living composers by awarding the Elise L. Stoeger Prize, a cash award given every other year to an outstanding composer of chamber music.

Performance Dates: May 26 & 27, 2007; March 23, 2001; October 30, 1994

Chamber Orchestra of the Kremlin

Photo of Chamber Orchestra of the Kremlin

The Chamber Orchestra of the Kremlin, created and led by Misha Rachlevsky, has earned national and international recognition as one of Russia’s leading ensembles.  Founded in 1991, the orchestra, whose members include some of  Russia’s finest young string players, has consistently earned high praise from reviewers.  A New York Times review of its Carnegie Hall concert in February, 2008, raved that “Misha Rachlevsky elicited warm, full blooded, and virtuosic playing with colorfully shaped, gleaming phrases, polished technique, and tonal beauty.”

Performance Date: February 22, 2010


Photo of Chanticleer
Website: http://www.wienerphilharmoniker.at/

GRAMMY Award-winning Chanticleer, the only full-time classical vocal ensemble in the US, has developed a remarkable reputation over its 25-year history for its interpretation of vocal literature, from Renaissance to jazz, and from gospel to venturesome new music. With its seamless blend of twelve male voices, ranging from countertenor to bass, Chanticleer –based in San Francisco -has earned international renown as “an orchestra of voices.” The New Yorker magazine called Chanticleer “the world’s reigning male chorus” and was praised by the San Francisco Chronicle for their “tonal luxuriance and crisply-etched clarity.

Performance Dates: March 7, 2011; November 7, 2004; November 10, 2002; February 6, 1995; November 7, 1992

Cherish the Ladies

Photo of Cherish the Ladies
Website: http://willienelson.com/

When describing Cherish the Ladies, the critics say it best: “It is simply impossible to imagine an audience that wouldn’t enjoy what they do”, the Boston Globe, “An astonishing array of virtuosity”, the Washington Post, “Expands the annals of Irish music in America, the music is passionate, tender and rambunctious”, The New York Times and for the past twenty eight years, Cherish the Ladies have proven themselves worthy to live up to these accolades and in doing so have become one of the most engaging ensembles in the history of Irish music.

Performance Date: March 20, 1995


Photo of Chicago
Website: http://www.louisvillebachsociety.org/

Murder. Greed. Corruption. Violence. Exploitation. Adultery. Treachery. It’s all there in the electrifying show that the New York Times called ‘the best musical in town.’ Winner of six Tony Awards, a Grammy, and thousands of standing ovations, Chicago is the sensation that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. With hit songs like ‘All That Jazz’ and ‘Razzle Dazzle’ and featuring some of the best dancing to come out of Broadway in years, Chicago continues to play to sold-out houses night after night in both New York and London.


Performance Dates: March 5, 2008; February 6, 2001

Chicago Pro Musica

Photo of Chicago Pro Musica
Website: http://redpriest.zooglelabs.com/home

Chicago Pro Musica was founded in 1979 by composer/pianist Easley Blackwood and Chicago Symphony Orchestra clarinetist John Bruce Yeh. Honored with the 1986 Grammy Award for “Best New Classical Artist”, Chicago Pro Musica has earned an international reputation for its dynamic performances of a widely varied repertory. The ensemble comprises several virtuoso musicians from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The Chicago Tribune has called them “one of the most versatile and artistically accomplished [ensembles] on the American chamber music scene.”

Performance Date: February 9, 1998


Photo of Chieftains

Six time Grammy winners, The Chieftains are now recognized for bringing traditional Irish music to the world’s attention. They have uncovered the wealth of traditional Irish music that has accumulated over the centuries, making the music their own with a style that is as exhilarating as it is definitive.

Performance Dates: March 2, 2002; April 19, 1999; March 9, 1993; February 26, 1985

Children of a Lesser God

Photo of Children of a Lesser God
Website: http://www.philorch.org/

Children of a Lesser God is a play by Mark Medoff, published in 1980 focusing on the conflicted professional and romantic relationship between deaf former student, Sarah Norman, and her teacher, James Leeds.

Performance Date: March 11, 1982

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