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This sizzling 38-member troupe of dancers, musicians, and singers—the most popular folk dance company in Brazil—performs a mix of choreography from African and South American traditions, including slave dances, the dramatic capoeira (martial arts) and maculele warrior dance, the exhilarating samba reggae, and the company’s masterpiece, Afixiré (“dance of happiness”). In an electrifying and vibrant display of movement, Balé Folclórico Da Bahia transforms traditional culture into “a spectacular display of color, movement, music and drama” (Chicago Sun-Times). The energy they bring to the stage leaves audiences celebrating in the aisles. Called “exuberant, indefatigable, and virtuosic” by The New York Times, this acclaimed troupe celebrates candomblé, the uniquely Bahian spiritual practices rooted in the Yoruba religion brought to Brazil by West African slaves. With explosive drumming, frenzied dancing and irrepressible energy, the artists “push themselves to their physical limits…they dance so hard that their spirits show” (Dance Magazine).


Performance Date: October 30,2013

Categories: 2013-2014 Season, Dance, World Music