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In a 75-minute tour de force one-man production, stage and film actor Stephen Lang enters into the personas of seven real American soldiers and sailors, rendering firsthand accounts of the actions which resulted in each of them receiving the nation’s highest military accolade: the Congressional Medal of Honor. Beyond Glory gathers these men together in the present, as aged and scarred vets, to look back on the defining moments of their lives and to examine with pride, pain and wonder the meaning of ‘courage’ and ’humility.’ Beyond Glory is not simply a play: it is a journey through pivotal moments of the American story, moments that resound with lasting meaning for audience members old enough to remember, and those young enough to yearn for inspiration. Stephen Lang is known for numerous stage and screen works, including Avatar (Colonel Miles Quaritch), Public Enemies, Gettysburg, A Few Good Men, Terra Nova, and Death of a Salesman (Broadway with Dustin Hoffman).


Performance Date: November 18, 2013

Categories: 2013-2014 Season, Theatre