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Noam Pikelny

Photo of Noam Pikelny

Noam Pikelny has emerged as the preeminent banjoist of his generation: a founding member of Punch Brothers, a 3-time Grammy®-nominee, and recipient of the first annual Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass in 2010. His album, Universal Favorite is the fourth released under his own name, but it’s truly his solo debut. His previous efforts— including 2011’s Beat the Devil and Carry a Rail and 2014’s landmark Noam Pikelny Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe— were full-band affairs that revealed his abilities as a dynamic bandleader while reinforcing his reputation as an inventive accompanist. In his second Norton Center appearance, and Weisiger Theatre debut, this concert featured original music and explosive covers that showcased Noam’s unique approach and compositional flair, while coaxing a wide array of sounds and colors out of his instruments, and exploring new possibilities in a solo setting.


Performance Date: September 16, 2017