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The Origins of Country Music

On August 21, 1938, Kenneth Ray “Kenny” Rogers was born in Houston, Texas. He arrived at a fortuitous time in the history of country music. In the 1920s, a curious genre that combined Appalachian folk and blues began to gain national attention. It consisted mostly of soulful ballads and up-tempo tunes played at barn dances. [...]

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Portraits of the Blues

Uniting African-American spirituals, folk songs, work songs, simple ballads, and call-and-response, the blues burst onto the musical scene in the United States in the first decades of the twentieth century. The popular success of W.C. Handy’s hit Memphis Blues (1914) soon earned him the title of “Father of the Blues,” and inspired many African-American musicians [...]

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The Baroque Delight in Virtuosity

Winter is my favorite season. Though undoubtedly each of the four seasons has its highlights, the frosty snow and icy north winds of winter are the most captivating to my ears. I am referring, of course, to Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, one of the most perfect examples of program music, or music that is composed [...]

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Mimesis and Meaning

In the Republic, Plato famously (or infamously) argues against the practice of imitative arts by those who will guard and rule the just city. Plato claims that those who engage in imitation lack knowledge of the things that they imitate. According to Plato, those who engage in these arts run the risk of taking on [...]

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Careful the things you say…

Without doubt, Stephen Sondheim is the most important artist in the history of the American Musical Theatre. He has made his career by repeatedly reinventing the traditions of the genre into something entirely new. Sondheim was essentially raised by Oscar Hammerstein (composer of South Pacific, Oklahoma, Carousel, and The King and I, to name but [...]

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Norton Center Salutes: DecoArt

From the 115,000 square foot facility located in the rolling hills of Kentucky, DecoArt manufactures one of the broadest lines of acrylic paints and finishes in the world – paints and finishes that are widely known throughout the Craft, Fine Art and Do-It-Yourself markets. The journey began in 1985 as a division of Ceramichrome,  a manufacturer [...]

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Norton Center Salutes: Sodexo

Over the past 10 years, Sodexo / Centre College Dining Services have sponsored many events on the Centre campus and have donated thousands of meals to the Danville community. Yearly, the dining team has done 2 events to enlighten the Centre community about hunger issues that exist in Danville and Boyle County. In September of [...]

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You Eat What You Are

In 2012, Centre College’s Norton Center for the Arts sponsored a program called “We Are What We Eat”, in which authors and panelists Marian Nestle and Daphne Miller discussed the ethical, political, and nutritional implications of our food choices. For 2016, we have turned the table on the topic, with an eye toward the social, [...]

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Trumpeting Through History

The trumpet is one of the most talked about and noticed instruments in history! From Tutankhamen to the U. S, Army Herald Trumpets of the president, we hear them announcing the arrival of dignitaries of all types. The scope of performance moves through almost every type of ceremony and yet it is capable of playing [...]

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Norton Center Salutes: Stuart Powell Ford Lincoln Mazda

In October of 1949, Stuart Powell opened a used car lot and service garage in his hometown of Perryville, Kentucky and began selling and servicing automobiles. In 1952, he began working at the Mattingly and Rapier Chevrolet dealership in Danville. That pair also owned a Chevy dealership in Lancaster at this time, and in 1953 [...]

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