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The Company We Keep | Blockbusters

Each and every year, our staff is dedicated to bringing the community unique programming tailored just for you. Whether to excite, entertain, educate, surprise, or provoke thought – or a combination of these feelings – we are all inspired by Norton Center programs. Sometimes profoundly. In the context of important cultural centers like the [...]

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Music speaks where words cannot

“Where words fail, music speaks.” Hans Christian Andersen (1805 - 1875) It’s curious that a figure so beloved for his writing is credited with the above quote, “when words fail, music speaks.” And yet, for anyone who has found themselves enveloped by a profoundly moving concerto or an energetic overture, Hans Christian Andersen’s sentiment [...]

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As You Like It: Shakespeare Turns 456

This month marks the 456th April since the birth of William Shakespeare – one of the world’s best known poets and playwrights. While his name, likeness, and words have been chiseled throughout the annals of literary history, the truth is that many of the details surrounding his actual life are shrouded in mystery.  So, [...]

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Who remembers the 1970’s Heinz Ketchup commercial using Carly Simon’s classic song, “Anticipation?”  It’s all about waiting for, or anticipating, the goodness of a slow-pouring, rich and thick burger condiment.  The commercial ends with Casey Kasem stating, “the taste that’s worth the wait.”  Well, amidst shelter-at-home and social distancing, it is safe to assume [...]

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Poetry is Life Distilled

Every April, educational groups across the country herald the start of another National Poetry Month (NPM). Since its inception in 1996, NPM has been an occasion to acknowledge the invaluable ways the world’s poets have contributed to our global culture. It’s also a time when poetic creation is inspired and supported through a variety [...]

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