Norton Center Past and Present

Acclaimed String Quartet Workshops Student Piece

Originally Published Spring, 2018 | CENTERPIECE, The Alumni Magazine of Centre College | Reprinted with Permission When the American String Quartet came to Centre in February, the internationally acclaimed group knew they would be participating in a number of campus events in addition to their main-stage performance. They did not realize that sight-reading an eight-minute [...]

Norton Center Artists Receive Grammy Honors

Have you ever had that feeling when you are sitting in the audience and you just know you have experienced something unforgettably amazing?  Something so great you can’t help but realize it will have an impact on the discipline?  While all of the performances at the Norton Center are memorable, it is exciting when some [...]

Norton Center to receive 2017 Governor’s Award in the Arts for community outreach

by Bobbie Curd Originally Published January 9, 2018 | The Advocate-Messenger | Reprinted with Permission Norton Center for the Arts recently made the cut for a governor’s award, and its executive director couldn’t be more pleased. Gov. Matt Bevin’s office recently revealed the Norton Center will be receiving the Community Arts Award as part of [...]

Great Guitarists in Norton Center History

If you liked these guitar heroes, you’re going to love Stanley Jordan! For nearly 40 years the Norton Center has been host to some of the world’s great guitarists.  From classical to country and Latin to blues – our audiences have enjoyed the acoustic, symphonic, and rock and roll sounds of those who have mastered [...]

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If you liked The Oak Ridge Boys then, you’re going to love Dailey & Vincent now!

Ten years ago, in October 2001, as a part of Centre’s homecoming celebration, the Norton Center hosted the legendary country icons, The Oak Ridge Boys.  Called “one of the most distinctive and recognizable sounds in American music,” the group began their journey to fame in 1945 in Knoxville, Tennessee as the Oak Ridge Quartet; then [...]

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