While the Norton Center for the Arts is home to an annual performing arts season of professional touring presentations, it is also the primary venue on campus for music and theatrical productions, lectures and other convocations and live student entertainment. The Norton Center  serves as a focal point for the College’s academic programs in dramatic arts and music and is often the place where important debates and political forums occur. Most notably, the College, and the Norton Center, hosted the 2000 and 2012 US Vice-Presidental debates.

Grant Hall, adjacent to the Norton Center, is home to classrooms, studios, and faculty offices for the departments of dramatic arts and music. Grant includes recital halls, playing rooms, well-lit hardwood acting studios, and a versatile black box theatre for student productions.  Centre College students are encouraged to take advantage of free tickets to most Norton Center presentations.  Complete student ticket info is available via this link.  Information on concert etiquette and attendance at College mandated convocations may be found on our site or on Centre’s site.


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The College offers classes for both majors and non-majors that provide a thorough foundation in theatrical history, theory, and literature as well as training in acting, directing, design, and technical theatre. Thus, students are prepared for graduate education and for employment in any field that values high level communication skills as well as for careers in theatre as teacher, artist, technician, or manager.

In preparation for their graduate school and/or a professional career, majors are required, as part of their senior seminar experience, to reflect upon their time in the drama program at Centre College. This reflection process involves a public “exhibition” of their four years of work within the program. For the student body at large, the program affords the opportunity to experience, as audience or participants, a wide range of dramatic forms selected both to educate and to entertain.

Learn more by visiting the Dramatic Arts page at Centre.edu.



StringsforNorton 224x300 - Centre EventsCentre College Musical Ensembles perform a wide variety of musical selections throughout the academic year. Symphony Orchestra, CentreJazz, Kentucky Ensemble, Centre Singers, African Drums, and Centre Chamber Music, are just some of the talented groups you can enjoy. All concerts are free and open to the public.

A complete list for each term is available on the Centre.edu website, or find us on Facebook.