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Saturday, October 26
Newlin Hall
7:30 PM
$15 / $25 / $36 / $49 tickets available

6:30 PM Creative Conversation

Download the 1984 audio book >

In the throes of unprecedented challenges to privacy, truth, and personal expression, Aquila Theatre brings 1984, George Orwell’s cautionary novel, to the Newlin Hall stage. Written in 1944 near the end of World War II, 1984 depicts a society where “Big Brother” is always watching and technology is wielded as a weapon to inundate citizens with propaganda to manipulate thoughts and actions. Imagined before the existence of computers, this classic story provides the kind of evocative and innovative storytelling that suits Aquila’s bold, ensemble driven, physical style.

Photo Credit: Richard Termine

“Aquila’s productions are beautifully spoken, dramatically revealing, and crystalline in effect.” ~ The New Yorker

“Unmistakable fun…” ~ Headline- Los Angeles Times

“…eclectically entertaining…” ~The New York Times

“Shakespeare lovers finally have an ‘Othello’ that is gripping from start to finish.” ~ Anchorage Daily News

“…the Aquila company’s acting is among the best…” ~ Anchorage Daily News

“There is little doubt that The Aquila Theatre Company is one of the most inventive and daring theater companies in the country.” ~ The Lincoln Journal Star, Lincoln, NE

“… a classically trained, modernly hip troupe…” ~ The New York Times

“… the versatile cast of eight, with actors in multiple roles … consistently command attention and admiration.” ~ The New York Times

Steven Hoffman, Executive Director at the Norton Center for the Arts: 

“Classic literature is known for having themes that transcend time. As we hear, almost daily, how most political parties blame the media for fake news and claim alternative facts, Orwell’s 1984 offers a scary foreshadowing through this powerful and ever-relevant story.”