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Based on the Emmy®-winning PBS Kids show Peg + Cat, this totally awesome musical features wild comedy, countless favorite songs from the show, and Peg’s super coolest pal Ramone! When Peg’s Mom asks Peg and Cat to mail some really important letters, they come face to face with a really big dog and a really big problem! To solve it, they’ll need math—bar graphs, size comparison, position words, fair sharing, and a whole lot of counting. They’ll also need to count on each other, and the audience too, for their problem to be solved.

This performance is recommended for all ages; children 3-6 may gain the most from Peg + Cat’s BIG adventures. Please note that everyone who enters the theatre needs a ticket, including those that will occupy your lap.

Produced by:

The Bay Area Children’s Theatre

Created by:

Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley, the co-creators of the Peg Cat PBS Kids TV

Directed by:

Nina Meehan

Saturday, February 9
2:00 PM

Newlin Hall

Purchase a VIP ticket and join Peg + Cat for a photo opportunity the day of the show! These tickets include admission and PRIME Tier 1 Section seating for the performance.

+Seating is limited and adults must also purchase tickets to accompany children.


Peg and Cat are soooooo excited! Why? Because there’s going to be a really cool puppet show! Starring who? Peg and Cat! Where? Right in your home! When? As soon as you follow these simple directions for making your very own Peg and Cat puppets! Then you can watch Peg and Cat Live even after you’ve left the Norton Center halls!

Find instructions at: http://www.pbs.org/parents/peg/peg-cat-stick-puppets/

“It’s a solid, kid-friendly winner” – NY Daily News

“The creators have pulled off the impossible combo of programming irresistible for youngsters with enough snarky humor to make the experience enjoyable for grownups as well. Parents of under-sevens will never be able to thank these people enough.” -Gwen Ihnat, AV/TV CLUB