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Student Matinee
Wednesday, November 13
10:00 AM
Newlin Hall

Grade recommendation: Elementary through High School

Curriculum connections: History, Drama, Science

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To recreate the story of America’s Apollo 11 lunar landing, seven actors squeeze onto a 21-square feet stage nearly as tight as NASA’s original Mercury capsules. Using only their bodies and their voices, this astounding troupe of actors brings to life one of the most daring times in the history of human exploration: The Space Race. From the Cold War to Sputnik, from Yuri Gagarin to Neil Armstrong, this action-packed show brings the company’s tongue-in-cheek humor to a whole new atmosphere—one where the rules of gravity no longer apply.


Theatre Unspeakable started in 2010 in Chicago as a platform for creating physical, devised theater. The company has created three shows in its five years – Superman 2050, Murder on the Midwest Express and The American Revolution – and its newest piece called Moon Shot. The company works with improvisation, movement, text and voice to devise original shows, which then go on to tour around Chicago and nationally. The work is based very strongly in the theater teachings of the Frenchman Jacques Lecoq yet strives to foster a very American approach to storytelling.

Steven Hoffman, Executive Director at the Norton Center for the Arts: 

“Following last year’s very popular and terrific student matinee from Theatre Unspeakable, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to invite this innovative troupe back to Newlin Hall; this time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.”