Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2017-11-06T15:44:20-05:00
What if I have other questions?2018-02-15T16:22:14-05:00

Contact the box office or email us and we will do our best to answer any questions.

Is there a lost and found?2018-02-06T19:57:57-05:00

Yes – please email us or call the box office and provide your name, item details, and the show/venue where the item was lost and we will try to reunite you with your belongings. Lost items will be held for no longer than 30 days. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

I took photos of my family/friends in the lobby – can I post them somewhere?2018-02-06T19:57:24-05:00

We’d love for you to share them with us via email, or by posting them on the Norton Center’s Facebook page. Who knows – they might be featured in the next edition of “Scene at the Norton Center” in the CentreStage program book!

I saw a photographer take my picture. Where might I find the photo?2018-02-15T16:02:16-05:00

In most cases, event photos are posted to the Norton Center’s Flickr page and available for free download. All attendees grant unrestricted rights & licenses for use of their likenesses in any form of public broadcast or reproduction.

How can we learn about other upcoming Norton Center events?2018-07-12T09:30:40-04:00

Sign up for the Norton Center’s E-Newsletter for complete and up-to-date information on upcoming events and activities, as well as special offers and notices.

How can we share our thoughts about the performance or find out what others thought?2018-07-12T09:32:17-04:00

We welcome all feedback from patrons. Please feel free to e-mail us, or leave us a comment on our Facebook page – especially if you loved your experience at the Norton Center!

Where can we go after the performance for a nightcap or slice of pie?2018-07-12T09:34:32-04:00

There are many restaurants located in downtown Danville and around the Norton Center. Please visit our Enhance the Experience page or Danville’s own Heart of Danville website for complete details.

Help! Something is disrupting my concert experience!2018-02-06T19:51:19-05:00

We want everyone to have a great time when they come to the Norton Center, and usually, they do! But we do understand that sometimes things happen that disrupt your concert experience. The Norton Center’s staff and ushers are trained to handle patron challenges, and they’re eager to help you have a great time. If you encounter any problem—with sound levels, other patrons’ behavior, seating issues, etc.—please notify the nearest usher, a member of the staff, or go directly to the box office. We will do all that we can to help.

Is smoking allowed?2018-02-06T19:50:19-05:00

All Norton Center and Grant Hall venues are smoke-free facilities. Smoking, including E-cigarettes, is only permitted outside the venues more than 25 feet from the gates or doors.

Can I bring my pet?2018-02-06T19:49:27-05:00

With the exception of service dogs assisting patrons with disabilities, pets are not permitted. Those patrons accompanied by service animals must check in at the box office before entering the theatre.

What items are not permitted in the theatre?2018-02-06T19:48:32-05:00

We ask that patrons avoid bringing unnecessary items to the theatre. The following items are strictly prohibited at Norton Center events: weapons, laser pens, signs, banners, oversized bags and backpacks, outside food and beverages, alcohol, drugs, professional audio recording devices (unless approved by artist), and any professional photography equipment. Note that Centre College prohibits weapons of any kind on its campus.

Can I meet the artist?2018-02-06T19:47:46-05:00

Unless there is a specific ticket type involving a meet and greet for sale, we can’t guarantee that an artist will greet fans before or after a performance. Feel free to contact the box office to inquire about a ticketed meet and greet, or look out for VIP package information on individual performance pages.

How can I purchase concessions and merchandise?2019-06-10T15:56:19-04:00

At this time, the Norton Center only guarantees the acceptance of cash at concessions bars and merchandise tables. The closest ATMs to the Norton Center are located at the Speedway gas station on the corner of Main St. and S. Fifth Street; and inside Cowan Student Center diagonally across from the Norton Center on Walnut Street.

Will there be merchandise for sale?2018-02-06T19:46:37-05:00

For some performances artists may provide merchandise for sale in the lobby before and after a performance and at intermission. While some performers are equipped with credit card machines, credit card merchandise purchases are not guaranteed, however cash is always accepted. In most cases, merchandise prices are set by the sole discretion of the artists themselves.

May I bring in food or drinks? Do you offer concessions?2018-02-06T19:46:00-05:00

Outside food and drinks are not permitted, but a dessert bar with specialty cupcakes, sweets, mixed nuts, and other treats is available 1 hour before curtain and at intermission during all Newlin Hall performances. Pepsi products, coffee, bottled water and kids drinks (during specific family friendly performances) are also available for purchase. Only bottled water, lidded coffee cups, and specialty Norton Center drink glasses are allowed into the theatre during the show.  Cash only.

Is there a place to check my coat or any bags?2018-02-06T19:45:01-05:00

The Norton Center offers a complimentary bag and coat check at all Newlin Hall performances. For Weisiger Theatre performances, please ask an usher or a box office staff member for assistance if you require a bag to be checked for you.  

Will my bag be inspected at the entrance?2018-02-06T19:44:27-05:00

For safety reasons, the Norton Center reserves the right to inspect bags and other items brought into the theatres.

When do doors open?2018-02-06T19:43:50-05:00

Lobby doors open approximately sixty minutes prior to the announced performance time, unless otherwise noted. Theatre doors open approximately thirty minutes prior to curtain.

Where do I park? Do you offer valet?2018-02-06T19:43:04-05:00

Getting to Danville is easy, and parking on campus is convenient, either using the ample street parking or taking advantage of the Norton Center’s valet or paid real lot parking services. For many performances, parking attendants will be at the circular drive in front of the Norton Center to take your vehicle. Just pull up and we’ll do the rest for you. The cost is only $8.00 (cash only please). Locate the Norton Center at Centre College using this campus map. Please visit our PARKING page for complete details.

What is the Norton Center’s physical address for my GPS?2018-07-12T09:43:35-04:00

Note that Centre College’s official address is 600 W. Walnut St., so some navigation devices may not take you directly to the Norton Center. We are located on the southeast corner of W. Walnut and College Streets, Danville, KY, 40422. With Google Maps and Mapquest, 600 W. Walnut St. will get you to the Norton Center. For more help, please visit our Directions page or see the map on Centre’s website.

The weather looks iffy – how will I know if a performance is cancelled or postponed?2018-02-06T19:40:45-05:00

The Norton Center is committed to honoring its performance calendar. Performances take place in all weather. In the unlikely event that a performance is cancelled due to severe weather conditions, the Norton Center will notify ticket buyers by email and post an alert on the homepage of nortoncenter.com.

What should we wear?2018-02-06T19:38:21-05:00

The Norton Center has no formal dress code. Although some patrons prefer to dress more formally, jeans and tennis shoes are perfectly acceptable. When in doubt, business casual is always appropriate.

Are there other things to do in the area if we want to come early or stay overnight?2018-07-12T09:44:54-04:00

We invite all of our visitors to take advantage of the many other regional arts activities in and around the Norton Center. Please visit our Enhance the Experience page or Danville’s own Heart of Danville website for complete details on additional recommended activities.

Can you recommend any local dining options?2018-07-12T09:45:10-04:00

There are many restaurants located in downtown Danville and around the Norton Center. Please visit our Enhance the Experience page or Danville’s own Heart of Danville website for complete details.

Are there ever any pre-show events such as talks, panels or event entertainment?2018-02-06T19:35:02-05:00

Yes! Before most Newlin Hall performances, pre-show entertainment is provided free of charge beginning one-hour before curtain in the Grand Foyer. Additional activities such as pre-show lectures, artist talk-backs, and panel discussions are also sometimes available and complete details for these activities, once scheduled, can be found on individual performance pages.

What if I need to leave the theatre mid-performance?2018-02-06T19:34:22-05:00

If you need to leave the performance early, we ask that you leave at a point in the performance when moving around would be of minimal disturbance to those around you, such as during the applause at the end of a song.

What happens if I show up late to a performance?2018-02-06T19:33:44-05:00

Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the management on site and during pre-scheduled late seating breaks. The Norton Center cannot guarantee that latecomers will be seated in their originally purchased seats, although every effort will be made to ensure that they are.

What do we do with our cellphones, tablets or other electronic devices? Can I take photos or record the show?2018-07-12T09:46:34-04:00

We ask that you turn off or silence all noise-making electronics, including cell phones, because the noise they make and even the glow of the screen can be disruptive to other patrons. If you need to receive an emergency message while attending a Norton Center event, please have the messenger contact our box office at 859-236-4692. If you are anticipating a possible emergency call, please also leave your name and seat number at box office.

Due to copyright restrictions on the artists’ work, taking pictures and video is often prohibited. Flash photography of any kind is strictly prohibited at all performances. Video cameras, monopods, tripods, audio recording devices and cameras with telephoto or zoom lenses, including SLR’s, are not permitted inside the Norton Center at any time. This policy is strictly enforced.

When should I clap?2018-02-06T19:27:52-05:00

Many classical works have three or more movements or sections with short pauses between them. It has become customary over time not to clap during these short pauses but to wait until the entire piece is over. However, during jazz performances or broadways musicals, for example, the audience will often clap after an artist has completed an impressive solo – even though the piece is still going on. When in doubt, just follow the crowd!

Do you offer accessible seating?2017-11-06T21:25:19-05:00

The Norton Center is accessible to persons with disabilities, assuring a pleasurable performance experience for all.  Please contact the Box Office if you require accommodations.

Accessible Seating: Wheelchair seating for persons with disabilities and a companion are available for all shows on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please contact the Box Office and mention your interest in wheelchair-accessible seating or other accommodations when placing your ticket order. Courtesy wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are for on-property use for patron transfer from door to seat only.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing:  The Norton Center is happy to provide sign-language interpreters for public events upon request.  Requests must be made in writing to the Norton Center Box Office at least 20 business days in advance of the performance in order for the theatre to provide this service.  Proof of purchase for the intended performance must be provided.

Visually Impaired:  Large print programs may also be provided to patrons by request. Requests must be made in writing to the Norton Center Box Office at least 20 business days in advance of the performance for the theatre to provide this service. Proof of purchase for the intended performance must be provided.

Does my child need a ticket?2017-11-06T19:29:13-05:00

Yes. Everyone in the theatre, including children of any ages and those who will occupy your lap, requires a ticket.


Is there a center aisle? Can we pick our own seats?2017-11-06T16:49:24-05:00

Newlin Hall is an intimate 1,474 seat theatre with no center aisle.  Weisiger Theatre is a three-fourths round proscenium thrust theatre with 370 seats and multiple aisles.  Ticket buyers are able to choose their own seats through the Norton Center’s ticket system at NortonCenter.com or when purchasing tickets in person at the box office during normal business hours.  Find our venue seat maps here.

Help! I’ve lost my tickets, what should I do?2017-11-06T16:03:20-05:00

Don’t fret!  Our box office staff is on hand to assist you and can reprint your tickets free of charge.  Simply proceed to the Box Office/Will Call window when you arrive at the theatre and be prepared to give them your name and matching valid ID.  Once your tickets are reprinted, the previous tickets will become invalid and cannot be used.   Only the venue may determine the valid ticket if multiple copies are found.  If you believe your tickets have been stolen, please contact the Box Office immediately.

What’s the WORST way to purchase tickets?2018-07-12T09:55:36-04:00

There are a number of unauthorized websites on the internet selling tickets to Norton Center events.  Many of these sites claim to have the cheapest seats, best deals, access to sold out events, VIP experiences, and seats in sections of the theatre that are actually not available.  They also charge astronomical processing fees and often sell tickets at much higher prices than are available by calling our box office or our website.
While these websites may seem affiliated with or connected to the Norton Center, they are not.  Some examples of these types of ticket brokers include VividSeats.com, ticketofficesales.com, or ticket-center.com, just to name a few.  Often, they include the words “Norton Center” in the URL or purchase ads at the top of the Google search page to throw off those looking for tickets directly from our website.  Unfortunately, this is an issue being faced by sports and entertainment centers across the country and even when a ticket broker is operating within the law, you still pay much more than you need to, and not one cent of the markup goes to support the artists or our theatre. Patrons purchasing tickets through third-party ticket brokers, such as StubHub or through an individual reselling their tickets, assume full risk for potentially fraudulent tickets purchased or obtained through unauthorized vendors. See the Norton Center’s ticketing page for more information.

How do I pick up my tickets at Will Call/the Box Office?2017-11-06T15:39:11-05:00

For Newlin Hall performances, two Will Call windows are located in the Center of the Grand Foyer.  For Weisiger Theatre shows, one Will Call window is available in the Weisiger lobby.  Please approach a ticket agent and be prepared to give your name and ID in order to retrieve your tickets.  For most performances, unless sold out, tickets may also be purchased at Will Call prior to the performance.  The Will Call/Box Office opens approximately 60 minutes prior to the performance start time.

Are there refunds or exchanges?2018-07-12T09:55:45-04:00

The Norton Center does not allow refunds or exchanges on ticket purchases. Only in the event of a show being canceled will a refund or exchange be offered. See the Norton Center’s ticketing page for more information.

What is the typical performance length?2017-09-25T18:35:04-04:00

Most performances run about 70-90 minutes, with some including a 15-20 minute intermission.  Performances for young audiences are typically one hour in length, with no intermission.  If you would like to know the length of a particular performance, please call the Norton Center box office at 859-236-4692.

What’s the BEST way to purchase tickets?2018-07-12T09:55:59-04:00

Tickets for all Norton Center shows may be purchased on our website, by calling 859-236-4692, or by stopping by the Norton Center box office during our normal operating hours.  In addition, some artists may have official fanclubs that sell tickets to their fans before they on go on sale to the general public.  These are the only official ways to purchase tickets to Norton Center events. See the Norton Center’s ticketing page for more information.