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This is the place to celebrate!

This is the place to celebrate!

A Note From the Executive Director 

Friends, it is time for celebration! 

50 years of incredible performances from all over the globe. 50 years of Great Stories that reflect the impact of authentic connections and experiences. 50 years of YOU – our patrons, subscribers, donors and partners who have helped elevate the Norton Center to the enriching cultural environment it is today.

It’s a celebration all season long!  Throughout the year, we’ll be honoring the Trailblazers who came before us – those who realized the improbable, fantastical dream that is the Norton Center – and recognizing our heritage of excellence in the arts. We are highlighting 50 Years of Great Stories: stories of impact drawn from the past and present, told by our friends and neighbors. These stories reflect the passion and pride held for the Norton Center, and serve as a catalyst to amplify our voice and build ambassadors for the future.

As we raise our glasses to commemorate the last 50 great years, let us also toast to the next 50 years and beyond. Our focus remains fixed on the future, where we will continue to inspire and engage. We are committed to exploring new artistic horizons, embracing emerging talents and forging stronger connections with our community. With your continued support, the Norton Center’s next half-century will surely be marked by even more extraordinary achievements and transformative experiences than ever before.

This is the place… to celebrate! 

Steve Hoffman
Executive Director

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